BOSTON -- With the Red Sox back home at Fenway Park, manager John Farrell had his first opportunity to sit down with David Price on Friday to discuss the left-hander's outburst at a reporter Wednesday at Yankee Stadium.
"I think the specifics of the conversation will remain internal, but going back to what I said [Thursday] in New York, we would expect all of our players to have a respect for your job and the way people go about it," Farrell said Friday.
David Price, John Farrell discuss incident with reporter
"We recognize there's a responsibility by all our guys to address the media, so I think the fact that there's the intent to have mutual respect in all ways, that's the goal. But the content of the meeting will stay internal."
It is unclear what set Price off following Wednesday's 8-0 loss -- a game in which he didn't pitch -- though the pitcher did express earlier in the day that he only plans on limiting his interviews with Red Sox reporters to post-start sessions only going forward.After his 9-1 loss to the Yankees on Thursday, Price discussed the start, but didn't have much to say about Wednesday's incident. "There was a disagreement between [David] and another reporter," Farrell said. "While that was attempted to be cleared [up], there's also, I think, on both ends of it, a professional approach that's got to be handled in such a way." Farrell thinks that social media -- when it is misused -- can create a wedge between the media and the players they cover. "So much is made about a player having accountability and standing up and answering questions after a game," Farrell said. "That's a two-way street. When tweets are sent out by whomever, there's absolutely no accountability in many, many cases. I'm not saying a broad brush, but that's where a lot of exception is taken. When comments are made to a mass audience without any accountability, that's what Twitter has done for us."
Ian Browne has covered the Red Sox for

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