Here's a fun story to begin the new week with: Ichiro Suzuki is rejoining the Seattle Mariners.
Suzuki, 44, played for the Mariners from 2001 until a midseason trade in 2012. He recorded more than 2,500 hits and won 10 Gold Glove Awards during that time. Suzuki has since split the past five seasons between the New York Yankees and Miami Marlins but, with due respect to both franchises, neither will be the one associated with Suzuki when all is said and done.
Mariners bring back Ichiro on a one-year deal
Of course, there is an actual baseball reason for the move. The Mariners learned on Monday that Ben Gamel would miss a month due to a sprained elbow. Suzuki gives the M's a left-handed outfielder to throw out there with Guillermo Heredia until Gamel returns. (It's worth noting that he's performed better against lefties in recent seasons, albeit in small samples.)
Whether Suzuki will be with the Mariners beyond that point is anyone's guess. His contact-heavy ways have produced just one above-average offensive season in his last seven tries, that one coming in 2016. History is not littered with 44-year-olds enjoying bounce-back efforts, so the odds would seem to be against Suzuki lasting all season on a 25-man roster.
Still, Seattle fans will get to see Ichiro Suzuki take the field a couple more times while wearing a Mariners jersey. Even if it doesn't help the M's compete, that should be a worthwhile experience. 
R.J. Anderson/CBS Sports  

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