DENVER -- Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen was hospitalized with an irregular heartbeat prior to Thursday night's 8-5 win over the Rockies, and after initial tests, he flew back to Los Angeles, where he will meet with his cardiologist for additional tests on Friday. Jansen felt the heartbeat at the team hotel and never made it to Coors Field.
Manager Dave Roberts said that Jansen will not be available for the remainder of the four-game series in Denver.
"Any time you're talking about the heart, we obviously have to be very careful with it," Roberts said. "And then we're talking about altitude, so that's why we wanted to be proactive and get him back there. We're holding out hope that it's not too serious, but talking to the trainer right now, his mood is fine, you wouldn't know the difference, and once we get more testing, we'll know more."
Jansen has experienced heart problems in the past, going to the hospital for an irregular heartbeat in both 2011 and '12. He underwent heart surgery in October 2012, and hasn't had an episode since, according to Dodgers general manager Farhan Zaidi.
"It was unexpected," Zaidi said. "But we're glad he got help right away."
Jansen also had problems at Coors Field in 2012, when he felt an irregular heartbeat during a game, while also feeling out of breath on every pitch he made.
Roberts said Jansen had his heart medication with him. There isn't a timetable for when he will be back with the team, but both Roberts and Zaidi said that they will know more on Friday after Jansen meets with his cardiologist.
"I think he's had some discomfort with the altitude in the past, but beyond that we don't really know," Zaidi said. "We're just glad he felt something, got help right away and he's feeling pretty normal right now from what we understand."
Roberts was unsure if the Dodgers will make a roster move to add to the bullpen for the weekend.
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