Veteran slugger Nick Swisher is 36 years of age, and he’s spent part of 12 seasons in the majors. Along the way, he put up an OPS+ of 113, cracked 245 home runs, made an All-Star team, and picked up a World Series ring with the 2009 Yankees. Oh, he also registered a career ERA of 0.00 (1.0 IP) and made more than $90 million in salary. So it’s been a good run for the affable Mr. Swisher. 
Nick Swisher announces his retirement after 12-year career
Speaking of that run, it’s now over. Swisher on Friday took to the pages of Derek Jeter’s The Players’ Tribune to announce his retirement from baseball. The entire thing is worth a read -- it’s very much written in Swisher’s voice (I count 10 uses of the word “bro”) -- but here’s a choice excerpt ... 
And now I’m gonna bring that same energy to everything else I do … now that I’m officially retiring from Major League Baseball. WHEW! That felt goooood. It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. It’s official. I’m out.
Swisher goes on to detail what led to his decision and what his plans for the future are. Oh, and he was also a ringer in a softball game not long ago. 
Anyhow, if Swisher’s career is any guide, he’s going to be happy regardless of what he’s doing, and he’s going to be a steady purveyor of laughs, entertainment, and warmth for those around him. So here’s to some fulfilling retirement years for Swisher and his family. Baseball will miss him. 
Dayn Perry/CBS Sports

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