A new late-season trend has emerged over the past few seasons: the mid-September Ben Zobrist bike ride across the streets of Chicago. He did it in 2016 and '17, and completed his '18 edition this weekend.
In the hours before the Cubs' game with the Reds on Sunday at Wrigley Field, some Cubs fans were truly taken aback at the sight of Zobrist -- in his full Cubs regalia -- enjoying a casual bike ride on his way to the ballpark. It created a pretty surreal image, truly:
Seems Ben had some fun with it, too: 
Adrian Garro joined MLB.com in 2016. Throughout his travels, both Bartolo Colon and Vin Scully have placed their hands on his shoulders. Not at the same time, though. That'd be amazing.
Adrian Garro/MLB/CUT4

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