Carlos Beltran called it a career in November 2017 after a brilliant 20 years in the Majors. He made a habit of starring in the postseason for various teams, but even though he's retired, he still found a way to come up big this October.
Take a look at how Beltran and his family dressed on Halloween:
Carlos Beltran's family wore all his uniforms on Halloween
That's right -- each Beltran is honoring one of the teams on his career résumé.
Beltran himself is representing Team Puerto Rico from his World Baseball Classic days. His wife, Jessica, is in full Astros uniform, and children Ivana, Kiara and Evan Carlos are wearing Yankees, Mets, and Royals gear, respectively. Rounding out the bunch are the pets in Cardinals, Rangers and Giants attire. (Don't miss the fish!)
We have to give it up. When the Beltrans go in on a group effort, they go all in.
Andrew Mearns/Cut4/

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